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A very detailed look at the art and architecture of the Jesuit buildings in Goa, once the headquarters of the Portuguese empire in the East. Among the buildings studied are the Colegio de S. Paulo Velho (1541-1578), the male and female catechumenates (1550s), the hospital for indigenous people (1551), the noviciate (1556 1664), the orphanage (1558), the first church of S. Paulo Velho (1541-1560), the second church of S. Paulo Velho (1560 1579), the Bom Jesus (1594-1605), the Colegio de S Paulo Novo (1610-1620), the colegio do Espirito Santo in Salcete, the Colegio de Santo Inacio, Rachol (1606-09), and the recreation site at Santana.