Benaulim: The President and The Executive Council of the VINCENT XAVIER VERODIANO FOUNDATION had organised the function of conferment of the 2012 VICENT XAVIER VERODIANDO AWARD on ‘Goa,1556 founded by Frederick Noronha on 5th November 2012 at The Goa Chitra Museum.

Alito Siqueira, associate professor, Dept. Of Sociology, Goa University had graced the occasion as the Chief Guest in the presence of the Guest of Honour , leading psychiatrist and Novelist, Dr. Belinda Viegas.

The Vincent Xavier Verodiano Award is awarded by the Vincent Xavier Verodiano Foundation. The objective of the award is to promote the well being of mankind through individual advancement in the field of art, music, literature, science, medicine or humanities. The award was founded by Dorn Martin in 1989, in memory of his late father, Vincent Xavier Verodiano.The winner is announced on the 20th day of September, and the award is conferred on the 5th day of November.

The prestigious award was conferred on Goa 1556 in recognition of its pioneering commitment to record Goa’s variegated past,project its kaleidoscopic present, and accenture its pendulous future.

Goa 1556 is an alternative publishing venture, founded by veteran journalist Frederick Noronha. The company name was inspired by the arrival of the Gutenberg Printing press to Goa in the year 1556- the first of its kind in all of Asia. As Mr. Noronha succinctly put it, the primary goal of his publishing company is to “democratise the production of knowledge”.

The editorial modulation of Goa 1556 is non-fiction writing related to Goa, with emphasis on books which “ shed interesting new light on various aspects that help better understand the complex region called Goa”.


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