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The Cry of the Kingfisher is set mainly in the verdant, sunshiny land of Goa. It is a warm and inspiring tale of hope and courage and deals with the inner and outer forces in life that break, and make, three different women. Soon after getting published, it has been drawing praise as an interesting example of writing from Goa reflecting the women’s reality.

Mayola’s sheltered, duty bound life is ripped apart when her gorgeous, tempestuous older sister, Zarella, in whose shadow she has grown, is mysteriously found drowned. All her training in medicine and psychiatry cannot help her as she grapples with the sudden emptiness of her life. Angry despair spurs her on a quest for meaning which brings her in contact with Donna and Succorina.

Succorina is a village girl, born to superstition, ignorance and the disaster who has been as a housemaid to Kuwait, a distressing abortion and a failed marriage. Donna is the proverbial ‘poor little rich girl’, brought up in England, showered with everything except love.