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Everything you needed to understand one of post-Independence India’s most empowering laws, and how to use it to solve your grievances and build a more transparent, efficient nation.

This book contains an FAQ on the Right to Information Act, sample applications, success stories, details about the RTI movement, RTI and the media, the Act itself, appeals and more. It starts with the basic and leads you to knowing much what you’ll need to seriously deploy this law to the citizen’s benefit.

This simple, no-nonsense guide is authored by two persons with both the knowledge and credentials in this field. Nandini Sahai is a former developmental journalist, and Director, Media Information and Communication Centre of India (MICCI). Vishnu Rajgadia is the State Chapter Head of MICCI Ranchi (Jharkhand) and also involved with and

As the authors point out, the RtI law enables a common person to rightfully avail of information related to various parts of the administration and governance, government offices and officers, and matters of public interest. Using this law, a citizen can get a photo copy or a CD of government documents, and can investigate any government work and official documents. He or she can also get samples of ongoing construction work.

It is essential – for democracy as well as good governance – that there is optimum transparency in the government’s works and processes, and that anyone can easily access the maximum amount of information regarding it, Sahai and Rajgadia point out.