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Contrary to public perceptions, Goa contributed a large number of senior officers to the Indian armed forces. Faleiro’s ‘Patriotism in Action’ lists over 350 persons of Goan origin, who have donned uniform in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. There are many others whose names are yet to be recorded, says the author.
Faleiro’s book offers lists of officers killed in action, and those from Goa decorated with gallantry awards. There is also a listing of Goan officers who took part in ‘Operation Vijay’, the action which ended Portuguese rule in Goa, five decades ago.
Likewise, there is a list of Goan officers who took part in wars. In a series of articles, the book touches on Goan aviators, and the Goan “fascination for adventure”.
Faleiro says that many Goan officers, after retiring, have taken to doing works of compassion and charity. His detailed listing contains literally hundreds of names and dozens of events, which throws new light on a subject little was earlier known about.

Articles also contributed by Sqn Ldr George Menezes, Advocate Radharao Gracias, and Capt Jimmy Martin (Indian Navy).