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An elaborate analysis of many aspects of the post-1961 media in Goa. This book covers over four decades of Goa’s newspaper scene.

It offers colourful — if highly personalised and often critical — stories of those who saw the media and how it works from the frontlines.

Essays on the media in the first Assembly elections of 1963, attempts in the 1970s to build alternatives to the monopoly media, journalism in rural Goa… An analysis of Konkani journalism in Goa, crime reporting, free-sheeters, and more.

Through the essays of diverse scribes, an insightful picture is created of the post-1961 media in Goa, particularly the English-language and Konkani media. The essays are chronologically arranged, starting with the first English-language newspaper The Navhind Times, which began in 1963.

Surprising insider stories tell us about the forces that shaped the media in Goa, and give a hint of why it is not taken serious on its claim of being a voice of the people. Papers which get discussed in this volume, besides the Navhind, include Novem Goem, the West Coast Times, Herald, Gomantak Times, freesheeters, outstation publications, Sunaparant and other Konkani publications, Ixtt and others.

Given the reality that the media rarely discusses itself, this is a useful compiliation of essays of use to anyone wanting to understand the media in Goa, serious students wanting studying media and journalism courses which are now available in the State, and just about any citizen wanting to keep in touch with issues that shape our lives.