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A journalist-publisher who has been active in cyberspace, presents a selection of his favourite writing in this book. It seeks to present alternative perspectives on Goa.

Essays in this book focus on Goan migration, the land-grab going on in today’s Goa, mining and how it despoils Goa, and the unearthing of the Sea Harriers scam which saw 16 out of 31 aircrafts crash (mostly around Goa) without taking part in a single war.

From discussions of unusual food outlets in Goa, to a no-punches-pulled evaluation of the impact of mass tourism on Goa, and the author’s encounter with the noted artist of Goan origin F.N. Souza … all gets covered in this book.

Says the writer: “These pages are a small effort to share with the reader — specially the reader in Goa — some perspectives which might lend to the debate about Goa. It is a small measure of ‘paying back’ to the region I’ve called home for over four decades, and to a place I have to be grateful to. Some 25 years after I entered this profession, I’m grateful to be able to get up each morning, enthusiastic and looking forward to what the day holds for me.”