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This is the story of how the Switzerland-based author, obsessed with a passion to trace his ancestral roots, and thinking out of the box, employed the emerging science of DNA-based genealogy in combination with literature and ancient records to trace his family some 36 generations and more.

It offers insights into the pre-conversion Hindu names of the 12 founding clans (vangods) of Aldona. There is DNA-based scientific proof of historical assumptions related to the origins of the gaunkari system of Goa’s villages.

So too about the circumstances of the conversion to Christianity and how it was accepted — or not — by the villagers. Also looked at are the temples and deities of the village and the origin of the church; the condition of women; and the history of the comunidades of Aldona. The author earned his Doctor of Natural Sciences (dr.rer.nat.) degree from Switzerland and has spent a lifetime in the world of sciences.