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‘Stories in Rhyme’, a book of verse for children written by Frederika Menezes will be launched on May 29, at Sunaparanta Goa Centre of Arts, Altinho. Beautiful illustrations by Justin Lobo. Coming in an ebook version too.


WRITER FREDERIKA MENEZES is a superlative example of positivity. She loves to share happiness, laughter and her positive attitude. In a candid chat with NT BUZZ she speaks about her books, her inspiration and why she wants to conduct motivational lectures

It is hard to define life as each one of us has a different interpretation. However, when you meet young writer Frederika Menezes you get the feeling that here is one who can actually define life for you. A cerebral palsy patient Frederika suffers from physical disability, but there is no room for complaint in her life and on the contrary is happy for all life has given her. “I’ve been lucky all along and I acknowledge that”, says Frederika.These days Frederika has more than one reason to be excited about life. Today, two of her books are being released – Unforgotten, a young adult novel, and Stories in Rhyme, a book of verse for children.

“I just love writing; it is my passion. I write everyday”, says Frederika, who takes inspiration for her writing from day to day life. “Everything in life serves as inspiration for me. When friends speak about their experiences or memories, it inspires me. Even this conversation between you and me is inspiring”, adds Frederika.

For Frederika her strength comes from family and friends whom she cherishes. She is constantlyin touch with friends over emails and social media. She believes that technology has made life easy for her. “Technology is helpful for everyone, not only me. I type with two fingers and I am quite fast compared to people who type with both hands”, quips Frederika, who started typing with typewriters.

Frederika is an inspiration for all those who do not stop following their dreams. She believes thatin life is not worth wasting energy on negative thoughts. “Keep trying. At some point you will get what you want. I am very positive. What is the use being negative?”

Even though Frederika has no issues with her life, sometimes people’s attitude turns her off. “People have very stereotyped and narrow-minded attitude. I do not like it when they feel sorry for me. I do not like it when I am treated like a child. Instead of asking me for my name they will ask my mother. Why can’t they ask me”, says 34-year-old Frederika adding, “I have personality, brains, looks and I have been given this beautiful life. I don’t want anyone’s charity. I like people who make me laugh.” Frederika also shares the issues disabled people face in society. “In India, I can’t travel by public transport because here unlike in western countries buses are not disabled friendly. We need society to be slightly more sensitive towards issues like this.”

Frederika, a veritable picture of youthfulness and liveliness, says she feels disgusted when she hears of suicides, especially among the youth. “I feel disgusted when I read about youth committing suicide. One needs to look within and see what you are good at and explore it”, she says.

When asked about her other dreams she promptly says, “I also write lyrics. One day I want to release an album of my songs. I need someone who can give music to my lyrics and sing them”, says Frederika, a big Brian Adams fan. She adds, “I am also interested in giving motivational lectures. I want to exude positivity as there is too much negativity around.”

On a parting not when asked about her source of strength she adds, “My mother. When I was young she told me, ‘You got the brains; forget about the rest.’ That really inspired me.”

(‘Unforgotten’, a young adult novel, and ‘Stories in Rhyme’, a book of verse for children written by Frederika Menezes was launched on May 29, 2014 at Sunaparanta Goa Centre of Arts, Altinho, Panaji at 5:45 p.m. Recordings of the function are here: Video:   and Audio: )