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Printed fully in colour. Large size.

This easy, step-by-step guide does not restrict itself to Goan cusine alone. It includes Pan Asian, Continental and a few Indian recipes too.

The author is the daughter-in-law of famed chef of Goan origin, Masci (or, Miguel Arcanjo Mascarenhas) who cooked for kings and emperors of another era. He grew from being a humble Goan kitchen boy to one of the most celebrated chefs of his time, way back in the colonial 1920s. This is Mascarenhas’ third book on food. Apart from her earlier tribute (also titled Masci), she has penned another food-related title called A Culinary Escapade of Goa.

This title could attract attention, not only because Odette and her husband Joe, both who carry the ex-Taj tag, understand the food and restaurant scene in Goa. The more immediately apparent reason for this book’s appeal is the way it has been dressed up in some of the more impressive Goa food photographs one has seen. Asavari Kulkarni, the young Goa Art College alumna behind the food images, is known to take her photography very seriously.

Odette focuses on starters, soups, seafood (close to two dozen recipes here), chicken, ‘red’ meats, vegetable recipes, and desserts. Her first section is devoted to the food of Goa. In her ‘More’ section, which forms the second part of the book, Odette’s offerings include Indian, continental, Asian, accompaniments and desserts.

Range of recipes for starters, soups, seafood, chicken, red meat, vegetable, accompaniments, desserts and more. Both non-veg and veg. Recipes include Pork Vindaloo, Pork Amsol, Sorpotel, Beef Assado, Mogagaathi, Kelful Shaak (made from banana flowers), Costeletas de Grelhado (grilled lamb chop), King Fish Balchao (a spicy aromatic fish pickle), Tisreo Sukhe (shellfish without gravy), and a great deal moreIn addition: translation of spices and fish-names from English into Konkani and Hindi, a step-by-step guide to the pre-preparation of seafood, food that graces the Goan table, food from cosmopolitan Goa, pan-Asian food (Indian, Continental).