Author: Fatima da Silva Gracias Genre:
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Profusely illustrated.

The definitive work on the history of Goan food. Understand why you eat what you eat. An impressive study, well appreciated already.

Goan cuisine contains alluring Christian, Hindu and Muslim strands. It is an interesting fusion from several cultures — Arab, Portuguese, Brazilian, French, African, Chinese, Malaysian, British, Anglo-Indian and Konkani. In Goa, East did meet West… on the dining table.

This book offers an encyclopedic vision of a cuisine with a global touch — how it was, how it is, and how it came to be. It is written by a veteran Goan historian who knows her food.

Cozinha de Goa is one of the outstanding books on the food of a particular Indian region, coming close to Banerji’s outstanding book on Bengal. Like that book it had recipes, but it is not primarily a cookbook, focussing more on history and description, for which it brings together what is clearly a huge amount of scholarly research and reading, but combined with warm personal memories that helps bring the subject alive.