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Unforgotten is a novella about love lost and found; a first person narrative, where sustained reflection blends with action to trace the hero’s journey through its many twists and turns. It carries the flavor of an age-old allegory about the artist grappling with his demons, internal and external, as he pines for his muse. Frederika Menezes has carefully painted a realistic setting for Ian, her central character, and has set in motion forces that drive him; from India to England, from home to office and to the mental hospital, to the writing desk, to the guitar, to the pain of loss of love, to the discovery of inspiration. Yet, the allegorical quality of the story is what lingers when the last page is turned. And yes, Goa finds place here too, a dream-like world which holds what is most vital, and never quite forgotten. –Isabel de Santa Rita Vas . Theatre promoter, youth mentor and former professor at Dhempe College

An engaging love story. –Salil Chaturvedi . Poet and author

…now she has nothing but the storm to create a past with but then she had her love and her friends, and though they turned away, long before now, she can recall them in her mind, hear their voices and feel momentarily alive in the company that will always be with her but never a part of her life as once it was. Was she right? Ian took time to realize the intensity of his lost love, his first love. But when he did, Ian left no stone unturned to retrieve it. The tribulations that Ian goes through fortifies our belief that emotions and sentiments are the same, whether in Europe or in Asia; in Kent or in Goa.

This transcontinental love story narrated in a pensive mood is particularly absorbing and eminently readable. It is a story of two souls suffering within. She, who lives in fear that joy brings her. He, with an anguished and repenting soul. She is lost in love. He has lost his love. Love and marriage is a gamble… yes, indeed! But the real love is never forgotten… even if you try to push it under the carpet, it surfaces… it bounces back… It is a story of apprehension and realization of going unacknowledged, unnoticed… of promises to be together forever.

And Ian sets out in quest of his real love… the unforgettable love… One has to read the book to figure out if Ian’s one big dream will ever come true. 

Though this is her debut novella, Frederika writes of the world of pain and loss, forgotten laughter and remembered joys with such ease. She unfolds the drama as she portrays Ian’s innermost feelings break the surface, when he parts with Nicole or when he meets Brenden, with a quality craftsmanship. Her first attempt is commendable. –Damodar Mauzo , Sahitya Akademi Award winner and noted Konkani writer

Born in September 1979 in Goa, India, Frederika Menezes doesn’t let Cerebral Palsy and a wheelchair come in the way of what she loves doing – painting, writing and staying in touch with the world via cyberspace. In 1996, Frederika passed her SSC through a regular school, People’s High School. At age 13, while still in school, she started her writing career as a poet and since then there has been no looking back. Many of her poems have appeared in local and national newspapers and magazines. She has written and published two books – a collection of poems titled The Portrait (1998) and a fiction/fantasy book The Pepperns and Wars of the Mind (2003). In 1999, one of her poems was selected by the International Library of Poetry for publication in an anthology of poems – Fire in the Heart. She won the J.C. Award (Junior Citizen of the Year) in 1999 from the J.C. Chamber of Panjim, Goa. She has written five more books, three novels and two collections of poems, which are in the production process.