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Whether for business or personal use, the cyber world in ubiquitous, and will be only more pervasive in the future. It simplifies the jargon from the complex world of spam, computer viruses, trojans, spyware, corporate espionage, hacks, cyber war, cyber protests, social networking privacy and complicated security technologies. See — an information security blog which aims to highlight global and India-specific security risks faced by computer and mobile users.

Pragmatic advice on staying safe online. A must read for all social networkers. —Anand Mahindra, Chairman & Managing Director – Mahindra & Mahindra

We are witnessing a hastened transition from physical to virtual (cyber) world, however unfortunately the degree to which we are able to understand and react to the risks due to the cyber world are extremely inadequate.  This is posing a significant challenge to the public in general and sentinels in particular. This book is most apposite for the consumers of the cyber world. Lucius has given many examples, provided an exhaustive list of Do’s and Don’ts in a very simple language and covered comprehensively all the areas that touch common citizens. This book is a good reference point for all the stakeholders of information security to build a consumer awareness program. —Vishal Salvi – CISO & SVP – HDFC Bank

Written for the public at large, this is an easily readable book which addresses the topic of cybersecurity threats from pranksters, hackers, and serious spies. Although i consider myself an expert in the area of cybersecurity i have learned a lot about possible new types of attacks by reading this book. Lucius has clearly demonstrated his practical knowledge and understanding in this new science of cybersecurity using simple examples and case studies. —Prof Muttukrishnan Rajarajan, Head of Information Security Research, City University London, UK.

The ubiquitous communication technology driven by the Internet has globalized the world and brought people nearer in unthinkable ways. Social media provide instant connectivity to communities of friends and followers, who in turn can feed or transmit the same messages to their friends and so on. Friends, followers and bloggers can add onto the messages, and since the medium is interactive, it lends itself to multidimensional communications. But therein lies the devil. Nobody has taught our young friends the behavioural norms, the acts they should guard against to stay out of harm. Lucius has done a wonderful job in writing this lucid guide to fill this gap. It is easy to read, and understand the possible ways of staying out of trouble. I recommend it to everyone – from the occasional surfer to the social media edict. —Dr. Kamlesh Bajaj , Chief Executive Officer , DATA SECURITY COUNCIL OF INDIA (DSCI