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Without doubt, Irene Heredia lived amidst priviledged times.  A quick glance through the 28 pages of photographs would tell you that. She was a University of Bombay gold medalist at the B.A.  in 1938, rare indeed for a woman student then.  Her husband, the late Jimmy Heredia, was the sheriff of Bombay and honorary consul of Brazil.  She rubbedshoulders with ambassadors, consuls, the Pope, Cardinal Gracias, President Radhakrishnan, the then Emperess of Iran, queens  and Gandhians.  Her relatives include missionaries to Malacca and Charles Correa.But she knew tough times too. Then there’s early deaths in the family, migration, and the sudden fluctuations between doing well and instant poverty were the stories that many Goan families carry in their hearts. The author’s mother was widowed in her 20s. Her father again died quite early too.

This is a book devoted to “the unknown housewife who, down the ages, has buried her talents and potential while interacting with extended families to bring up children with the right values”.  Notsurprisingly then, there are hints too of the sacrifices Goan women made get their own families onto the right track. This is an autobiography, written in an informal style, and initially not meant for wider release, that echoes the story of many Christian Goan families. Irene, and her two children who edited the work (sociologist-Jesuit Rudi Heredia and Selena Costa-Pinto) do an interesting job of mixing the personal with the political, trivia with an insightful setting of the times. To conclude, two essays by the author — on the Christians of Goa and child adoption, dating to 1989 and 1990 — are included.