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Arossim in Mormugao taluka is more than just a scenic beach village. Situated between the river Sal and the Arabian Sea, and dotted with many ponds, this agricultural piece of land has sustained its inhabitants with rice, coconuts and fish. The earlier Hindu and later Christian faiths, nurtured by long standing traditions and beliefs, have molded the character of the people, producing a uniquely Goan culture. Understanding the roots of the village structure allows the viewing in a broader perspective of the tremendous changes of recent years. In this book, an expat son of the village studies the roots of local traditions and structures.

Arossim, one of the 347 inhabited villages of Goa, is a small, rural, coastalcoastal areas!Arossim’s location village in Mormugão taluka (or sub-district), remotely located from the major centers of government and commerce. Its topography and early history is not unlike that of the other contiguous villages along the coastal belt of South Goa. This book can serve as a guide for future historians and researchers, and particularly for the villagers of Arossim themselves, to come to appreciate their legacies and to protect, preserve and develop wisely their valuable resources.

Themistocles “Themis” D’Silva studied in a one-room village school in Arossim, attended the local public elementary school in Portuguese, and then Loyola High School, Margão. He graduated from St. Xavier’s College, Bombay, and obtained a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in the US. After post-doctoral research there, he took up a position in industry, and is credited with many patents and scientific publications.